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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues have become a global focus and a transformative trend across industries. The ESG World Citizens & Digital Governance Foundation (ESGWD) aspires to leverage its own capabilities and the strengths of friendly entities to assist Taiwanese enterprises in aligning with international ESG standards and enhancing Taiwan's ESG visibility on the global stage. Moreover, through promoting the concept of world citizenship and the cultivation of K12 students' competencies, the foundation aims to strengthen the Taiwanese people's sense of connection from self to world citizen, thereby achieving mutual benefits for all countries and the global community.


1. Advocate for the global citizen leadership concept in corporate ESG.
2. Cultivate K12 students to become future world citizens.
3. Nurture ESG world citizen enterprises.
4. Improve the world to make it an ideal realm for world citizens.


Writen by Robert Wang. Managing Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan, AWS. Amazon Web Services.

Project Plans

Through having common goals in the world, such as 2030 zero carbon emission from the UN. By using value as our motivation, E Foundation provides specific ESG common strategies, shares experience and results with more than 1,700 listed companies to achieve the common prosperity of enterprises.
A company should have transnational thinking. We call on the government to take the lead in accelerating ESG's transformation strategy and stand at the same starting point with international enterprises. In the next 30 years, Taiwanese should become ESG global citizens, and the world shall be proud of Taiwanese.

ESG x Core Competence of Business Model

ESG Sustainability Sodality

White paper of ESG Policy & Annual forum

World Citizens Academy
& Concert

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