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The Association will present an "ESG Policy and Strategy White Paper" every year, addressing important issues such as: net zero carbon emissions, zero carbon transition, ESG combined with digital transition, climate change, SMEs to reduce carbon and water, ESG investment strategies, ESG Forums such as discussion on the implementation of internalized business model practice, hope to promote the establishment of ESG atmosphere from Taiwan enterprises to the country, and jointly build by the country and the industry.

Value & Benefit 


Spread the important ESG Taiwan solutions to the world, in line with international trends, continue to focus on climate change, net zero carbon emissions, corporate sustainability, corporate governance and employee health productivity and other goals, and further create Taiwan's brand value


It has been verified that employees' physical and mental health positively correlates with corporate operations. Improving employees' "healthy productivity" will increase companies' competitiveness.


Provide carbon management, international trends and solutions for employee health promotion, various ESG digital system connection solutions, etc.



All listed companies and groups

  • Director/General Manager

  • Sustainability Manager

  • Environmental or Health Management Supervisor

  • other senior managers


【Activity plan】



  • Provide a platform for enterprise communication and ESG knowledge learning

  • Regularly hold physical event dinners, and invite experts to give speeches,

    • This year's theme is:

      • Carbon Reduction and Circular Economy Strategy (2022-05-24)

      • Happy Business and Employee Health Strategies (TBD)

  • Anytime in the Line Community

    • Provide the latest carbon reduction information at home and abroad

    • World-class ESG strategy solutions and trend information

【How to join】


  • Theme : Carbon Reduction and Circular Economy Strategies

  • Venue: Rose Hall, 13F, Jindian Hotel, Taichung

  • Peng Yumin, Vice President of Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Huang Zhengzhong, KPMG Asia-Pacific ESG Head of KPMG An Hou Jianye Associated Accounting Firm, will give speeches.


【5/24 Entity Activities】


You can receive the latest ESG activity information at any time, please note when joining

Employed unit and title for review.


※ Due to the impact of the epidemic, the physical event originally scheduled for 05/24 will be held on another date until further notice



​Taipei area

Taichung area


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