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Program Managers


Fu-Yu Chang

Secretary General


Debora Kuo

Vice Secretary


Angela Liu

​Project Manager

DSC00078 降.png

Phil Chuang

​Project Manager

Regularly invite experts and scholars from all walks of life to provide Taiwanese companies with the latest ESG trends and application strategies through webinars; share experiences and achievements with each other, create common goals, to achieve the mutual benefit of enterprises and society

ESGx Business Model Core Capabilities

Webinar Series

The Association will propose the ESG Policy and Strategy White Paper every year, and hold an annual press conference, inviting entrepreneurs and scholars to discuss important issues

ESG Policy and Strategy White Paper

Cum Annual Forum

WCA World Citizen Academy

cum concert

Collaborate with teams in Singapore and across Europe

, through monthly online seminars and quarterly physical gatherings, to help Taiwanese companies go global and bring international ESG innovations to Taiwan​

ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet

The concert aims to develop the World Citizen Academy, cultivate more young world citizens and artists with audio-visual, art works, and forums, create Taiwan World Citizen Culture, and use art to make Taiwan a beacon for mankind and the world.

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