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Even the wind and rain cannot quench the love for this world
The One World Concert was a complete success

One World World Citizens Together concert organized by the ESG World Citizen Digital Governance Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ESGWD) ended perfectly at the Eslite Songyan Performance Hall on the evening of October 16. It rained heavily due to the impact, but it couldn't extinguish the enthusiasm in the hearts of every performer and guest.


ESGWD will start to promote the integration of world citizen literacy into public life from 2022. This concert is for the preparation of the World Citizen Academy. It is hoped that through the touch of music, it will influence people's behavior towards ESG sustainability from the spiritual level. Director He Ziming and his younger sister, Ms. He Zishi, co-wrote two songs; Citizens of One World; and Who Can Heal, hoping to convey to the public the importance of world citizen literacy and concern for extreme climate.


The ESGWD Foundation is committed to cultivating more people with the identity of world citizens. World citizens can break through the boundaries of geography or politics, so that they can care about and participate in the big and small things that happen on this earth. Therefore, we hope to pass on the core concepts of world citizens such as love, empathy, and tolerance, and together design a civilized and peaceful new world, and prevent the world from suffering from disasters such as climate change and war.


This concert is divided into the first half; Looking at the World from Taiwan, and the second half; Looking at Taiwan from the World. In the first half, we hope to let go of political prejudices and religious differences, and use the language of music to tell stories from all corners of the world; Music surrounds nature and calls for the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.


The success of the event was achieved with the support of many like-minded partners, including Puyong Construction Puyuan team, Cathay Life Insurance, WT Group, Jepren International, Taiwan Mobile, Taipei Cultural and Creative Enterprises and other corporate partners, as well as every supporter , Sponsored partners.


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