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ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet
& 2050 Club

​ Membership method

  The establishment of the "ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet" is to take net zero carbon emissions as the ultimate goal, and through strategies such as carbon management and digital governance, it is committed to contributing to the sustainability of the global environment. The government and private units work together to connect the industrial ecology and combine Taiwan's industrial advantages; form the ESG national team to go global and market Taiwan's experience; cooperate with international net-zero carbon reduction economies to create international mutual benefit and mutual assistance, from the Asia-Pacific region to global exchanges, It also introduced foreign ESG innovation strategies to Taiwan.

  Fleet Planning regularly organizes major exchange activities and seminars for members, arranges ESG exchange forums, discusses issues such as industrial strategies, exchanges solutions and value sharing with various domestic and foreign units, and is expected to further attract investment Innovation, guiding funds, etc.

  If you agree with the purpose of this association and want to join the "ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet" members, please write to to request a membership application form, and return it to this mailbox after completing . The ESGWD Foundation will review your membership qualifications, and send a remittance notice after the review is passed, and you will become a corporate member after confirming the payment of the membership fee. Therefore, please fill in valid contact information and wait for relevant notifications.


​ membership conditions

Corporate members must support NT$50,000 per year.
*After becoming a member, the company can send 2 representatives to participate in fleet-related activities

​ Membership application process

1. Write to mailbox to ask for membership application form.
2. After completing the application form, send it back to mailbox, and the association will review the membership qualifications.
3. After passing the membership qualification review, the association will send remittance-related information to the contact mailbox of the unit representative.
4. After completing the remittance, your company should contact and provide the last 5 codes of the remittance account number for verification.
5. After the confirmation of the remittance by the association, the membership can be obtained

ESGWD Foundation Contact Window

PM Mr. Zhuang
PM Miss Liu
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