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ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet and Strategy Forum 

-2023 ESG Policy and Industry Strategy Advice Conference- 

Affected by global warming, climate change and other major environments, ESG has become a global universal value. In recent years, it has been a topic of high discussion among enterprises, countries, and even individuals. Taiwan is an important country in semiconductor, manufacturing and other industries. Government policies, individual companies, and even the entire supply chain should be obliged to join the ranks of net zero, so that Taiwan can become an important player in global sustainability. ESG World Citizen Digital Governance Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ESGWD Foundation) and Taiwan Stock Exchange, Taiwan Centralized Depository and Clearing House, KPMG Anhou Jianye Joint Accounting Firm, Republic of China Industrial and Commercial Construction Research Association, Taiwan Industrial Research and Innovation Association, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chongyue Technology Co., Ltd., National Taipei University of Technology Innovation and Incubation Center, Junhao Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Zhisheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Jinfang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Chengxi Information Group, Shishuo Industrial Co., Ltd. The company, Zhongyu Industrial Co., Ltd., Wanguo Patent and Trademark Office and many other important business partners who are also concerned about ESG net zero transformation held the "ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet and Strategy Forum", through the formation of the "ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet" and the release of the "ESG Policy and Strategy White Paper", provide advice on the government's 2050 net zero carbon emission plan, and bring the most forward-looking sustainable development to enterprises strategies, jointly promise the vision of world citizens, and practice climate and environmental responsibility.  


The forum also arranged two talks and exchanges, the themes were "Taiwan ESG Net Zero Strategy and ESG Ecosystem", "ESG Industry Fleet and Stock Exchange Innovation Board Development Strategy", invited to Taiwan Centralized Depository Clearing House_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ General Manager Chen Dexiang, Manager Huang Boli of Taiwan Stock Exchange, Deputy Manager Chen Changhui, Executive Director of KPMG Anhou Jianye Joint Accounting Firm Wu Lin, Chairman of Chongyue Technology Co., Ltd. Lai Shangui , Chairman Huang Shijun of Chengxi Information Group, Chairman Wang Wenshan of Jinfang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other distinguished guests shared the ESG strategies of their companies on the same stage, as well as their views and suggestions on the establishment of an ESG ecosystem in Taiwan in the future. At the same time, Chen Liwei, executive director of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Gao Jizu, chairman of the Taiwan Industrial Research and Innovation Association, and Gong Guoqiang, consultant of the ESG World Citizen Digital Governance Foundation, are also invited to analyze the current ESG innovation in Taiwan. The characteristics of the entrepreneurial team, whether it is suitable to join the ESG net zero innovation fleet, and the expectation for the launch of the innovation board of the Taiwan Stock Exchange.  


The ESGWD Foundation held the "ESG Net Zero Innovation Fleet and Strategy Forum". In addition to publishing policy recommendations on the 2050 net zero carbon emission plan, another important purpose is to stir up ripples in Taiwan's industrial ecology that attach importance to ESG transformation and drive While more companies are willing to start ESG net-zero transformation, they are also assisting the growth of ESG start-up teams in Taiwan. On the way to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, more and more companies and start-up partners are found to join. In the future, it is also planned to track the latest developments in the world's ESG net-zero industry, regularly put forward the latest policy suggestions, and hold relevant conference forums.  

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